Intelligent Automation: Exploring Enterprise Opportunities for Systems that Do, Think and Learn

To compete in an era of globalization and fast-moving business change, organizations need to apply smart technologies, which can reduce costs, increase scalability, improve accuracy, boost speed and make better use of human efforts. DOWNLOAD PDF – CLICK HERE Businesses today exist in an era of globalization, hyper-competitiveness and ever-accelerating business cycles. To succeed in

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It’s no secret that today’s smart-thinking businesses are looking hard at what’s called intelligent automation. Advanced forms of process automation—supported by intuitive and interactive technologies and complex analytical algorithms, and enabling step-changes in the performance, agility, and competitive capabilities of a range of businesses. Automation’s evolution Evolving automation technologies are empowering their operators to emphasize their uniquely

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Mastering Intelligent Automation – Webinar July 19; 2pm EDT

Summary Artificial intelligence, smart machines, robotics, process automation—all these technologies get plenty of coverage and their promise is said to be great. But speaking practically, how do these technologies fit into a broader business strategy? What impact will they make on workers and the organization?  What’s a logical starting point for introducing automation? Is automation

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