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Beyond RPA – Getting to Know Systems that Think and Learn

While today organizations are investing much time and effort into understanding and applying “systems that do,” such as RPA, the real excitement is around what’s coming next, as systems that “think and learn” become more prevalent.  Whereas RPA systems can work only with structured inputs and hard-coded business rules, the next level of automation –

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Why the Robotic Process Automation Group is now the Digital Enterprise Forum

It was nearly two years ago when I formed the Robotic Process Automation group on LinkedIn. At the time, RPA was at the forefront of business innovation and by itself dominated nearly every conversation in outsourcing and shared services. While automation continues driving massive change, we now are experiencing a convergence of transformative technologies such

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ISG Asks, “Can Healthcare Afford Automation?” In the Post-ACA Era

CAN HEALTHCARE AFFORD AUTOMATION?: Maintaining Legacy Auto-Adjudication Systems is Counter-Productive is the title of recent white paper/blog post by Information Services Group (ISG).  The report points out the significant and broad reaching transformational impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on healthcare providers and payers.  It explains that because of ACA it is increasingly cost-prohibitive

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