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Intelligent Automation and the Digital Enterprise

While automation continues driving massive change, we now are experiencing a convergence of transformative technologies such as Analytics, Cognitive Systems, Mobile, Social and Internet of Things. These technologies are producing dramatic new opportunities for businesses to connect with and serve their customers. Looking for examples of these technologies at work?  I add the best examples I find of case studies, articles or analysis demonstrating the dramatic impact of these technologies and their ability to help companies drive better outcomes.   Updated regularly so visit often and enjoy!

Article and Link
CIO Asia Start your Automation Journey with ‘Do’, ‘Think’ and ‘Learn’
Cognizant Bots at the Gate: Intelligent Automation – Where We Are and Where We’re Going – PDF
Cognizant Intelligent Automation: Exploring Enterprise Opportunities for Systems that Do, Think and Learn – PDF
Outlearn An “Uber-Moment” in Banking?
HfS Research Lessons from the RPA Trenches
eMarketer Internet of Things Has Wide-Ranging Impact Across Healthcare Spectrum
CIO The business of bots and the realities of enterprise automation
Industry Today IT Robotics Automation Market to Expand at 60.50% CAGR from 2014 to 2020
Forbes What C-Suite Executives Need To Know About Digital Strategy and Emerging Technologies
Business Insider There’s a huge obstacle to making computers as smart as humans
Singularity Hub Forget Humans vs. Machines: It’s a Humans + Machines Future
American Marketing Assoc The Wild West of the Internet of Things
Harvard Business Review How Machines Learn (and you win)
 Forbes For AI Startups, The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times
 Ad Age Data Will Become More Valuable than Products, and Brands Need to Adjust
WSJ The Daily Startup: Machine Learning, AI Moving Into Health Care
Wired Robots Will Steal Our Jobs, But They’ll Give Us New Ones
HfS Research Autonomics Will Revitalize Lethargic Legacy Testing Services
Ad Age Data Will Become More Valuable than Products, and Brands Need to Adjust
ComputerWorld Super-intelligent machines spawned by A.I.? Execs aren’t worried
Wall Street Journal Before a Robot Takes Your Job, You’ll Be Working Side By Side
Forbes The $11 Trillion Internet Of Things, Big Data And Pattern Of Life (POL) Analytics
Forbes How Nutonian’s Machine Intelligence Model Shows How People And Technology Can Be Partners
Data Science Weekly The Big List Of Data Science Resources
McKinsey Digital manufacturing: The revolution will be virtualized
Forbes How Nutonian’s Machine Intelligence Model Shows How People And Technology Can Be Partners
McKinsey Digital manufacturing: The revolution Will Be Virtualized
ComputerWorld A.I.-powered assistants step into the enterprise
Data Science Weekly The Big List Of Data Science Resources
Everest The Rough and the Smooth of Business Process Automation Technologies: Initial Insights of Our Deep Dive
Deloitte Robotics – I need your clothes, your boots and your HR processes
Alsbridge (Video) Industry leaders discuss RPA at the 2015 Alsbridge EU Provider Summit
The Street (Video) Why the Rise of Robots in the Labor Force May Spark an Inequality Crisis
HBR Stop Worrying About Whether Machines Are “intelligent”
Venture Beat The Internet of Everything: How IOT and machine learning will revolutionize your business
Everest Group Webinar Deck: Service Delivery Automation: The Next Big Thing
SSON The Race for Lucrative Robotic-enabled BPO Work is On: RPA Providers Muscle In on BPO Market
Information Age Gartner wants to prevent the robot uprising by building ‘ethical programming’ into smart machines
Information Age Inside the virtual workforce: an army of software robots revolutionising enterprise innovation
Business Standard Can robots replace people?
Robotics Tomorrow  IT Robotic Automation Market to See Unprecedented Growth with “Near Shore” Business Models and Partnership Agreements: Transparency Market Research
Cognizant The Robot & I | Knowledge Work Made Smarter with Intelligent Process Automation – YouTube
Outsource How RPA is taking service providers to the next level
LinkedIn Why the Robotic Process Automation Group is now the Digital Enterprise Forum
Euronews Artificial intelligence: Debunking the myths
Mihir Shukla (LinkedIn) The Next Industrial Revolution: How Robots Will Help Us Be More Human
ACCA 2015: The Year of the Robot?
Entreprenuer The Rise of the Robotic Co-Worker
IRPA Taking Stock On All Things Process Automation
Aecus Robotics: Watch This Space
Stan Lepeak (LinkedIn) Robot Envy, Robot Fear or Robot Denial
Mihir Shukla (LinkedIn) Jobs in 2025: What You or Your Kids Will Be Doing In a Decade
BLP How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform your approach to contracts
NY Times As Robots Grow Smarter, American Workers Struggle to Keep Up
McKinsey How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital
Future of Work 2015: The Year Robots Move In
NelsonHall Disruptive Forces and Their Impact on BPO: Part 1 The Robots are Coming – Is this the end of BPO?
SharedServicesLink 21 things to know about shared services and robotics
HfS / Automation Anywhere The Evolving Maturity of Robotic Process Automation
Outsource Magazine A new world order beyond automation and offshoring
Outsource Magazine Robots With Ethics
Everest The 40-40 Rule of Disruption in Global Services
The Accounting Minute The Future is Now: Leading the Way with RPA
SSON 10 things to Include in an RFP for Robotic Process Automation
HfS Deconstructing your manual BPO activities for the As-a-Service Economy
SSON Robotic Process Automation: How to Get Started
Everest Service Delivery Automation: Emerging Results from our Navel Gazing (er, research)
Wired Software Robots: Moonlighters, Killers and the Fourth ‘D’
Motherboard Outsourced Jobs Are No Longer Cheap, So They’re Being Automated
Gartner 1/3 of Jobs Will Be Automated by 2025
SSON Who is Developing the Technology behind New RPA-based Outsourcing Solutions?
UIPath Blog Managing the “Long Tail” of IT Requirements
TechPro Essentials Robotic Process Automation: Increased Efficiency, Heightened Accuracy and Happier Employees
The Accounting Minute The Future is Now: Leading the Way with RPA
Everest Group Robotic Process Automation and Anti-incumbency in Business Process Services (BPS) – Opportunity or Threat?
CIO Insight How Digital Labor Is Transforming IT
SSON Escaping the Dead-End of Labor Arbitrage: Robots Are Staffing the Back Office
Nearshore Americas Cliff Justice on Automation’s Challenge to Labor Arbitrage
SSON How Far Can Robotics Go – in Leadership?
IAOP Pulse Magazine Is Robotic Process Automation Fulfilling Its Transformational Promise?
Insurance Insider A revolution is coming
The Boston Globe Robots would make terrible bosses, until you think about your actual boss
National Law Review Software Robots in Outsourcing Part 1: What Is a Software Robot?
National Law Review Software Robots in Outsourcing Part 2: Why Is It Happening?
National Law Review Software Robots in Outsourcing Part 3: Adding Automation to Scope Virtual Engineers Could Transform IT Outsourcing
Wired Software Robots’ Hidden Benefit: Scale
The Accounting Minute Why Robotic Process Automation Will Forever Change Outsourcing
Real Clear Markets The Data Are Clear: Robots Do Not Create Unemployment
Global Delivery Report Robots Are Taking Over! Transforming BPO and Shared Services
Wall Street & Technology Using RPA in Banking to Streamline Development
Sourcing Focus Why RPA Serves as a Lifeline to the BPO Industry
IRPA Second Machine Age Author Discusses Impact Of Innovation and Technological Advancements
Huffington Post Study: Autonomics Will Kill Half of North America’s Jobs
Tech Market View Business Process Automation – a brave new world for BPS providers
CGP Grey Video: Humans Need Not Apply
Digital Journal Robots: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020
Professional Outsourcing Why RPA is a Catalyst for On-shoring
LinkedIn Robot Redux: New and Improved, Today’s Robots Are Staffing the Back Office
Outsource Magazine What are the primary obstacles to the widespread adoption of robotic process automation?
Huffpost Tech Bringing It Home: The UK is Ready for Robotics
Sutherland Global Services RPA: The Great Robotic Race
Sutherland Global Services The RPA Revolution: 6 Things You Need to Know About Robotic Process Automation
HP Artificial intelligence and the New Style of BPS
Capgemini Hello Robotics and Automation! Will technology transform BPO?
Sutherland Global Services RPA & The CIO: From ‘Enabler of Process’ to ‘Agent of Change’
CIO What the Robot Apocalypse Will Mean for IT, Jobs and Work
Economic Times Wipro to use machine learning for better productivity at internal help desk
Everest Group Celaton Puts the Artificial in Intelligent Business Process Automation
Wired Rise of the Robot Entrepreneurs
Inline The growth of robots in the workplace and the regulatory dilemma
The Globe and Mail Will robots make us all redundant?
New York Times Fear Not the Coming of the Robots
City AM The new machine age: Britain must not miss out on the robot revolution
Sutherland Global Services 4 Reasons Robots Will Transform Shared Services
Business2Community Building Tomorrow’s Workforce: Hot Jobs in Robotics
Everest Group The Coming Disruption in BPO
ZD Net Self-learning Humanoid Amelia poses existential threat to BPOs
HP Age of the Robots
Tech UK Botsourcing and the productivity race
Wired World Cup Robots and the Economics of Robot’s Pay
Everest Group Analysis Pinpoints Looming Disruption in F&A Outsourcing Market
HfS Six market disruptions coming to challenge the Indian services majors
Blue Prism Blog Top Five Priorities for Shared Services and Outsourcing Executives
The Accounting Minute Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About RPA But Were Afraid to Ask
BetaBeat V.C. Firm Names Robot To Board of Directors
Harvard Business Review Robots Are Starting to Make Offshoring Less Attractive
The Accounting Minute The RPA Revolution: 6 Things You Need to Know About Robotic Process Automation
Outsourcing Insights Robotic Process Automation Software Providers Poised to Disrupt BPO and Energy Sectors
SSON Robots, earthquakes, and the shrinking conventional jobs market…
Economic Times Automation becomes new buzzword for Indian IT players like WNS, TCS
Nearshore Americas The Future of BPO: How Human Cloud and Infrastructure Cloud Are Changing the Game
Wired Robotic Automation: Another Moore’s Law?
Outsource Magazine Age of the Robots
Outsource Magazine The Three Laws of Robotics: what is Robotic Process Automation, and what forms will it take?
FAO Blog AP – Creating the right business case for automation
HfS HfS unveils the first Robotic Premier League Table
SSON Robotics Process Automation – is it the Solution You’ve been Waiting For?
IRPA Expert Interview: Ian Barkin, Global Head of Innovation, Sutherland Innovation Labs
The Economic Times IPsoft set to launch a humanoid program Amelia, may affect India’s outsourcing Inc
SSON Robotic Process Automation: We’re at the Cusp of Something Big – But Only if the Industry Can Get its Head Out of the FTE Model
The Accounting Minute Re-Thinking Offshoring
Everest Group Automation, the Once and Future King
HfS The Ultimate Robotic Automation Debate
HfS Five reasons automation may replace BPO
The Accounting Minute BPO is Dead, Long Live BPO!
The Economist The best robot technology is unseen
Outsource Magazine Q&A: Cathy Tornbohm, Gartner
Wired Working With Robots: The Next Business Standard
Live Mint / Wall St Journal TCS to step up automation by up to 40-50%
Blue Prism Why 2014 is the Year of Robotic Automation
SSON Is (Process) Robotics the Solution to Working Around Legacy Systems?
Global Services Robotic Automation – What it Means for Clients, Advisors & Service Providers?
Search CIO Evolving BPM and BPO practices will change the nature of work
PWC 2014 US CEO Survey – Digital Transformation
Accenture / HfS BPO On the Brink – Download Whitepaper
Accounting Minute What’s Killing F&A Employee Productivity
HfS Ultimate Robotic Automation Debate
Accenture “BPO on the Brink” Research Finds Technology is Critical for Achieving Value Beyond Cost Reduction in Outsourcing Engagements
Accounting Minute RPA as a Change Agent (Or Why RPA Isn’t a Magic Elixir)
Firstsource The Technology-Driven Evolution of the Modern BPO
Healthcare IT News Robots are a reality in today’s hospitals
Operational Agility The Second Machine Age
Wired 2014: The Year of the Robot
HfS Automation killed the gamification star
Blue Prism Blog Q&A: What are key benefits of Robotic Process Automation?
IRPA Interview: David Brain, Global Head of Process Robotics & Innovations Labs Product Lead, Sutherland (registration required to access)
OVUM Robotic automation goes mainstream: Accenture announces agreement with IPsoft
Outsource Magazine How Will Process Automation Impact the Future of BPO?
Global Services As-a-Service Models Will Displace Traditional BPO Delivery Models
Infosys BPO Outsourcing Trends 2014: F&A, HR, Legal, Procurement, Sourcing, etc.
ZDNet DevOps pros: We need more automation!
Accounting Minute Beyond Cost Savings – The Promise of Automated, Standardized BPO
ComputerWeekly A Guide to Business Process Automation Software
GlobalServices Why, What, How, and Who of BPO is Changing – And for the Better!
Outsource Magazine What Does Innovation Mean In BPO
Gartner Predicts 2014: Business and IT Services Are Facing the End of Outsourcing as We Know It
HP Blogs A new style of BPO
Accounting Minute The Rise of the Machines: Don’t Worry, Be Happy
HfS Automation: It’s About Solving Business Problems, Stupid!
ZDNet Automate or Outsource? The Decision Gets Complicated
HP Blogs Robotics – the new style of F&A BPO?
Business of Robotics Software-based Virtual Robots Help Businesses Add Efficiency
CIO Ten IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014
KPMG / HfS Global Business Services Industry Study 2013
Outsource Magazine I am Robot: Will RPA Revolutionise the BPO Industry?
Wired Software Robots: The Long Tail of Automation
ComputerWorld Will Software Robots Give Offshore Workers the Boot?
Network World Google, Amazon Investments in Robotics have Software Robot Firm Blue Prism Pumped
The Sauce – BPO News Will RPA Revolutionise the BPO Industry?
Datamark 10 Business Process Outsourcing Trends to Watch for in 2014
IRPA Outsourcing Institute Launches the Institute for Robotic Process Automation
Computerworld Business Adopting Robots for New Tasks
OVUM Beyond Labor Arbitrage: The Impact of Automation and Robotics on Service Delivery
Information Week 10 Jobs Destined for Robots
HfS Robotistan takes a seat at the BPO Security Council
TechRepublic Is automation a new threat to India’s IT sector?
Diginomica Welcome to Robotistan – the Antidote to Zombieism
Wired How Digital Labor Will Drive the Third Industrial Revolution
Business Wire HfS Research: Robotic Automation Presents Transformative Opportunity for BPO Industry
Outsourcing Center Six Ways BPO Looks Different in 2013
Forbes The Death Of Outsourcing, And Other IT Management Trends
New York Times Jobs, Productivity and the Great Decoupling
TechMarket View Business Process Automation – Disruptive Change for BPOs
TechMarket View Blue Prism a Game Changer in the Making?
Business Standard Rise of the Machines
ComputerWorld Robots to Replace ‘Rote Labour’: Gates
Gartner Gartner Names Blue Prism 2013 Cool Vendor
Computer Weekly Will software robots really decrease offshoring and increase UK jobs?
The New Yorker Will A Robot Take Your Job?
The Economist Rise of the Software Machines
Horses for Sources Greetings from Robotistan, outsourcing’s cheapest new destination
Inside Outsourcing Machines are rising and they are offshore IT killers
CIO IT Robots May Mean the End of Offshore Outsourcing
Global Delivery Report Will Automation Replace Offshore BPO?
NY Times Skilled Work, Without the Worker
Operational Agility Forum Times BPO supplement – Robotic Automation to drive new offerings for BPO’s
Operational Agility Forum Robotic Automation – What impact could it have on the BPO market?
Source Digit Outsourcing & Robotic Automation
Computer Weekly How technology is changing BPO
Sourcing Focus On Blue Prism – NOA 25th Sponsor
NY Times Outsourcing, Insourcing and Automation
Fierce CIO Can offshoring survive the robot onslaught?
Fierce CIO Healthcare company uses automation to streamline IT, save money
HP There is more to BPO automation than just replacing people expense
Outsource Magazine UK The Future of BPO Outsourcing Experiments: Baxter, the Face of Robotics
The Outsource Blog A robotic threat to outsourcing
Computer Weekly Shop Direct deploys software to automate business processes
Forbes India Robotic automation – threat or opportunity
Live Mint A robotic threat to outsourcing