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Process Automation_Analyst Perspective


Robotic Process Automation – Analyst Perspective

Excerpts from reports on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from leading BPO, outsourcing and technology analysts and business publications.

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Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?


Are Robots Taking Our Jobs or Making Them?

Analyzes the “robots are killing our jobs” arguments, shows how they are constructed on faulty analysis, and explains the logic of how higher productivity leads to more jobs.

Source: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

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Horses for Sources Welcome to Robotistan

Robotic Automation Emerges as a Threat to Traditional Low Cost Outsourcing

Cheap, Easy-to-Develop Software Robots Will Eventually Supplant Many Off-Shore FTEs

Source: Horses for Sources

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Forrester Business Driven Process Automation

The Role of IT in Business-Driven Process Automation

Extend the Reach of Process Automation – Allow the Business to Self Serve

Source: Forrester Research

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ISG - Sourcing Trends 2013


Sourcing Trends: What is Next?

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Service Providers

Source: ISG – Information Services Group

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Smart Hands Smart Robots

Smart Hands and Smart Robots

Evolving Business Process Services Reconstruct the Enterprise

New business process services are emerging that integrate human process work (the smart hands) with collaboration and automation via technology platforms (the smart robots).

Source: Cognizant

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Robotic Automation - What Next for BPOs

Robotic Automation – What Next for BPOs

With robotic automation the BPO service provider can build a “Virtual Back Office” to process manual, rules based back office processes at a new economic price point and speed which makes automation viable. But there are risks to the BPO providers as their clients have the potential to utilise the technology themselves and take back the processes at the end of the contract.

Source: The Agility Forum

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Robotic Automation - Next Generation BPO

Robotic Automation – Driving Next-Generation BPO

The world of outsourcing – and offshoring in particular – is being challenged. The days when organisations would shift large operational capacity offshore to destinations around the globe could be numbered and a new model, based on robotic technology, could be set to take its place.

Source: Raconteur – Outsourcing Business

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