We just finished our second video roundtable on the topic of intelligent process automation and the future of the digital enterprise.  Like our first event, this one includes both Robert Brown and Kevin Benedict from Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work.  Joining this discussion is automation veteran Sal Novin, head of the HPA business unit of Cognizant-Trizetto.

This time we dig deeper into the fast and loose terminology spinning out of the convergence of process automation and cognitive computing.  If you follow this space at all, you are probably now familiar with the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive systems.  Other phrases working their way into the collective dialogue include smart analytics, predictive APIs, image and speech recognition and natural language processing.

It’s new lingo for lots of us, particularly considering the term of robotic process automation is really only a few years old now and still a relatively new concept for many.   What is becoming apparent to me is how quickly these technologies are making their way into real world business situations and solving complex challenges in ways we never thought possible.   I’ll save some of the cool examples I’m starting to learn about for a future post.

In the meantime, I invite you to click through to our latest video chat on process automation and hope you enjoy the conversation.  Enjoy part 2!