Framing a Constitution for Robotistan details the disruptive and transformative impact robotic automation will have on the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

The report discusses how robotic automation technology creates an entirely new threshold of value for BPO service providers and end user clients. A leading developer of robotic automation software and a champion for the transformation of manual back office business processes, Blue Prism’s technology and client implementations were cited in the report as key factors in the market adoption of robotic automation during the last year.

In 2012, HfS Research published “Robotic automation emerges as a threat to traditional low-cost outsourcing” to examine whether affordable, easy-to-develop software robots would displace offshore resources. At that time, the firm concluded that robotic automation had the potential to be a highly disruptive, transformative technology for both buyers and BPO service providers.

“A year later we are more convinced than ever that robotic automation has the potential to disrupt the BPO marketplace,” stated Charles Sutherland, SVP BPO Strategies at HfS Research and the report’s author. “We believe that the market for robotic automation has advanced from being an emerging topic discussed by only a few people on the edge of the BPO market, to being a core topic at conferences on disruptive technologies, end user pilots, service provider technology roadmaps and investment reviews.”

For its report, HfS conducted interviews with leaders and innovators in the area of robotic automation, including Blue Prism and other software vendors, academics, operations consultants and major BPO service providers to understand the opportunities created by the deployment of robotic automation. Of note are the increase in market participants including robotics software providers and consultants, an increase in full scale implementations delivering a ROI and the growing commitment to robotics among leading BPO service providers.

“We are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution – creating a digital workforce that increases efficiencies, reduce costs and frees up humans to do tasks they are good at such as solving strategic problems and working with customers,” stated Alastair Bathgate, Blue Prism CEO. “HfS validates the powerful impact of robotic automation articulating the business value that we have witnessed working with leading organizations and service providers who have adopted this technology.”

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