Artificial intelligence, smart machines, robotics, process automation—all these technologies get plenty of coverage and their promise is said to be great. But speaking practically, how do these technologies fit into a broader business strategy? What impact will they make on workers and the organization?  What’s a logical starting point for introducing automation? Is automation right for every company?

Join us and learn:

  • The benefits of working with robotics from a business perspective – and how to balance trade-offs of benefit vs. complexity
  • How to identify a logical starting point for introducing automation
  • How employees will benefit from the adoption of robots to handle dull, repetitive tasks so they can focus on high value endeavors
  • Explore real-world examples of how automation is remaking enterprises and retooling processes

Wherever your company is in its automation journey, this session will provide the insights you need to master automation, from aligning automation with business objectives to identifying automation entry points to next steps for designing and implementing an automation strategy.

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