Software RobotsIs a recovering economy stressing IT project teams beyond their ability to manage the project demands of their business unit customers?  “How to Prevent IT Department Overload,” a recent ComputerWorld article seems to think so and they claim it’s creating big project backlogs in IT organizations.

“In Computerworld’s Forecast 2013 survey, 43% of respondents said they expected their IT budgets to rise this year, up from 36% last year. Sixty-four percent anticipated making a major IT investment. At the same time, 59% reported that containing costs was a priority. In the real world, that translates into a growing number of projects flowing through IT departments whose staffing levels have remained flat.”

Unfortunately, this very situation has become the norm in many IT departments. “It turns out to be a chronic problem,” says Gartner analyst Robert Handler, who notes that his firm’s research suggests that at least one-third of funded technology projects are currently in a backlog, waiting for IT to start on them.”

Software Robots to the Rescue!

One way out of this problem is for the “business teams” themselves to design, implement and manage their own projects – under the supervision and within the standards of IT – but without requiring IT development resources to do the work.   Back office process automation can make this happen.

Is this a dream come true for both CIOs and the business teams they support?  Absolutely say Virtual Operations, a virtual back office professional services company, and the first US business partner of robotic automation software provider Blue Prism.

Self-serve business process automation is one of the ways in which companies that have implemented Robotic Process Automation are getting their projects completed when others are stuck at the end of an ever-growing list of requests and priorities.  Robotic Process Automation software enables business operations to be agile and cost effective through rapid automation of manual, rules based, back office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy by creating a “virtual workforce”.

Virtual Back Office at Your Service

A virtual workforce of Software Robots can actually be built by business and operational teams themselves, rather than IT, using the “self-service” robotic automation technology from Blue Prism and design and implementation expertise from Virtual Operations.  This allows business teams to rapidly build and deploy their own virtual workforce which leverages the presentation layer of existing enterprise applications just like traditional FTEs, but much faster and at a far lower cost.

Telcos, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services and even Business Process Outsourcers have been early adopters of Robotic Process Automation.  Operations and processes that are the best candidates for Robotic Process Automation often include:

  • Inventory and asset management
  • Benefits and administration
  • Contracts / purchase management
  • Procurement / sourcing
  • Application / order processing

The results of Robotic Process can be a boost both to IT workloads, data accuracy and the bottom line.   When business teams are able to ‘self-serve’ their IT projects they can often do more with less, much less!  Software robots (Virtual FTEs) can cost 90% LESS than onshore labor and even 30% less than offshore resources.  They work 24×7, at much faster levels and without errors.