It’s the time of year when sales leaders stare at their pipelines like a pilot watches the gauges at landing.

  • The fortunate few are confident they have enough late stage, highly qualified opportunities to make their number.
  • Some know they make the goal if that mega-deal will close on time.
  • Others just aren’t sure how they will finish.

Do you know where you stand?  It’s the million-dollar question this time of year.

Managing your sales teams to keep the pipeline full takes a tremendous amount of a sales leaders time and effort, but that’s only part of the job.   The other responsibility is having continuous awareness of the total, qualified value of that pipeline and translating that value into a reliable revenue projection.

Looking for a fast, adaptable tool to help you assess the potential of your sales pipeline?

Dashboard from “Do I Have Pipeline Calculator”


Input just the following information into this fully customizable Excel spreadsheet to see detailed analysis of where you stand against your target pipeline goals.

1. Annual “Closed” Revenue Goal

2. Average Win Value

3. Total Value and # of Opportunities by Stage in Your Current Pipeline

4. Target Total Value by Stage

The Pipeline Calculator instantly provides stage-by-stage analysis and also details the value of your qualified pipeline compared to your goals.  A dashboard section provides four visual gauges of your pipeline’s structure and strength.

Simple and Powerful Goal Sheets

The Do I Have Enough Pipeline workbook also features two additional sections to help sales leaders and managers develop specific plans for each pipeline stage.


Stage Progression Goal Sheet – focus your efforts and sales resources according to strengths and weaknesses you face in each stage.

Pipeline Actions and Tasks Tracker – keep up with critical assignments, owners and due dates to keep your pipeline goals in sight.