Sales Planning Tools and Templates

During our 3FORWARD days Dan Hudson and I developed a great library of resources.   These are sales management tools, pipeline templates and other resources perfected during our client engagements and many of the best of those resources are available here as downloads for anyone to use.  Feel free to put them to use, hopefully they help you get the results you’re looking for just a little bit quicker!

Lead Management Best Practices
Increasing Sales Effectiveness With Marketing Automation – eBook Download
Above the Funnel – How To Measure and Grow Your Lead Pipeline – PDF Download
Sales Strategy and Process
Revenue 2012: Making it Happen vs. Hoping it Happens! – White Paper Download
Hiding In Plain Sight – Finding Your Best Prospects – PDF Download
How New Media, Social Networks & Web 2.0 Have Changed Sales – PDF Download
Growing Outsourcing Revenues – Presentation Slides
(Featured Presenters at IAOP World Summit)
Strategic Sales Planning
The B2B Sales Planning Handbook – eBook Download
Finding Your Best Prospects Success Kit – PowerPoint Download
Sweet Spot Matrix Success Kit – PowerPoint Download
Target Account Plan Success Kit – PowerPoint Download
Account Action Plan Success Kit – PowerPoint Download
Sales Leaders Dashboard
Do I Have Enough Leads Calculator – Excel Download
Do I Have Enough Pipeline Calculator – Excel Download
Sales Revenue Forecasting – Excel Download
Sales Revenue Forecasting the 5 Most Important Numbers – PDF Download