Is your selling process a “one trick pony?”

2010 continues to be a tough selling year for many companies.  3forward is seeing strong signals that business activity is increasing but many of the firms still tell us that their sales are flat and in some cases declining from last year’s dismal numbers. If that scenario fits your company perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your selling process.  Firms can no longer rely solely on old school methodologies such as cold calling and Rolodex selling to attract qualified leads.

We suggest you start with the basics, getting your targets, markets, and messages right is a critical first step. This is also a good time to assess whether indirect selling channels are an option to expand your presence. Selling to the wrong targets and value propositions that sound like everyone else will fall on deaf ears.  Here are some good ways to start.

  • Carefully choose the segments where you can best compete, be honest with yourself on this one!
  • Be creative on how you position your firm versus your competitors, focusing on price and capabilities is merely table stakes.
  • Be unique in communicating your value proposition and the benefits your solutions provide.
  • Identify  examples of innovation whenever possible.
  • Do not ignore your existing customers in your efforts to grow your revenues.  Remember, they are your competitor’s prospect!
  • Consider in-direct selling relationships and channels (alliances, partnering, sub-contracting) as an alternative sales model.  Many companies miss this as an opportunity to grow.
  • Define your sales process and follow it faithfully.