Here’s what to love about running a sales organization.   You control the shots!

What other leadership role allows you to self-define your own success as much as this position does?   Think about it this way.  There are very few proven success factors a B2B sales leader cannot control or influence to heavily stack the odds in their team’s favor.

Here are just a few that study after study has shown INCREASE success percentages.

  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Territory definitions and account prioritization
  • Lead management system
  • Sales process
  • Sales compensation
  • Account planning
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales dashboard

Why bring this up now?   Because summer is behind us, the ‘slow’ time of year is done and from now through the end of next year’s first quarter motivated Sales Leaders have the opportunity to create their own success.   Those that seize this opportunity by formalizing decisions, plans and activities around the aforementioned list will see benefits materializing as early as January 2012.

Unfortunately, too many leaders are already in woe is me mode.  “My team can’t get it done.  My company isn’t competitive in the marketplace.   I know I’m going to miss my target and probably be let go.”  Just like Eeyore, these sales leaders are filled with doubt, gloom and doom.  Many have already decided their fate and are just waiting for the final shoe to drop, victims to the last day.

Which Sales Leader are you going to be these next six months?  It’s your choice after all.  Think about the advice in Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote,  “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.“   Will you take charge and create your own destiny?